tiny specs V2

I have changed my initial idea a little bit and want the first version to not contain any support for elicitation documentation and reviews. Instead I want to focus on the core value: creating a document-like template engine that supports adding structured sections of data.

Therefore the new roadmap looks like this:

I have split up the development into two iterations.

The first iteration of the product should allow users to write complete specification documents using plain text and image sections and support to edit the required customizing of the chapter types.

In the second iteration support for work items will be added.

Extensions to the initial concept

In the initial concept I have ONLY thought about writing a complete specification document with chapters:

But there are use cases where the TOC is not required and „too much“, therefore a „single mode“ can be used:

Customizing UI

In the first version I have also not presented wireframes of the customizing UI.

The general settings page looks a little empty now, but there is more to come later:

Chapter Types consists of a list of chapters and their sections:

Sections must be configurable in a variety of ways so that deletion of the section can be allowed or restricted and so on.

Work Item Types are configured pretty much the same way, the big difference is that there is the possibility for sub types inheriting the parent properties:

This wireframes must be understood as essential rather than complete!